There comes a point of time in every riders racing career when they must put together an organized plan in order to make improvements on the track.

Our online training is done in 12 week training blocks and is delivered via TRAINING PEAKS training software.  After the initial assessment of the athlete, the training plan will be delivered every day and will be available to the athlete online or on their smart phone with the Training Peaks mobile app.



7 thoughts on “ONLINE BMX TRAINING”

  1. Hi,
    How do you sign up for this on-line training?
    You say “If this is waht you’re looking for, you can find an excellent training template here.” Where is here, because I couldn’t see any link.

  2. hi,
    I am just wondering how many and what length should I be doing my sprints I have been doing three of 50 metres three of 75 metres and three of 100 metres on cement and 8 of 100 metres grass sprints

    • Curtis,
      That’s a question that can only be answered by your coach/trainer. I have no idea what you’re training for, where you’re strong and where you’re weak. For me to give you a prescription for your sprint work would be guessing.

      What I try to do in our training is to set a goal for our sprint sessions. That means, “What am I training for?” That could mean acceleration, max velocity or speed endurance. Each on of these focuses have different approaches, distances and repetitions.

      To be in the safe zone, figure out what you’re training for, then concentrate on that. Find out how many sprints you can do before you begin to “drop off” in form or time. That will give you your baseline information for future planning.

  3. Hi, I am a mexican Sports student, bmx freestyle rider and team manager in my local crew, im actually working with my riders doing phisical training and bmx freestyle sesion few days a week, im learning to much about this and I want to know about this blog and share my experience for more people! If you guys an send me info about this blog I’ll be apreciatte!

  4. How to train best for endurance?, right now im powerlifting, squats, deadlift, benchpress and so on, and been doing for some years. I do this 3times a week. I did pick up bmx again after 16years off, now 33years old, after a couple session on the track my gates and first and second straight was ok, but then no breath and my legs were dead. So now im running 3×400 2times a week, and sprinting on my bmx 3x300m 1 time a week plus the same powerlifting 3times a week as before. Is this the way to go, or should i be sprinting more and cut some powerlifting. My time on 400 is now 1.30 x3 (was 2.15 x3 first time about 2 weeks ago, my goal is to get it under a minute, but im a heavy guy. First comp here is in about 2months, so im on a speedy, get fit schedule for this season. Would be really happy for some good advice :)

    Thanks Franz

    • Franz,
      It sounds like you’re well on your way. The best way to get endurance on the BMX track is to RIDE the BMX track. Do things like pump laps, half laps and full laps and you’ll be dialed.


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